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Day #1: Your favorite character

Chip (Chip & Dale)

I don't know why this is, but I just adore C&D - but especially Chip. I guess I've always liked the straight-man in a comedy duo. They're just so cute!

Day #2: Your favorite princess

Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
I relate most to Ariel - I treasure my voice, but would give it up for my guy - I loved 'another world,' but faught with my father about it every day to the point of tears and confiscation of the things associated with that world. We're both rebellious and sneak behind our father's backs at times. We sometimes trust the wrong people because they take advantage of our wanting something so badly.

Not to mention we're both red-heads and I love the coastline! 

Day #1: Your favorite character
Day #2: Your favorite princess
Day #3: Your favorite heroine
Day #4: Your favorite prince
Day #5: Your favorite hero
Day #6: Your favorite animal
Day #7: Your favorite sidekick
Day #8: Your favorite villain
Day #9: Your favorite original character (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, etc.)
Day #10: Your favorite song
Day #11: Your favorite love song
Day #12: Your favorite villain song
Day #13: Your least favorite song
Day #14: Your favorite kiss
Day #15: The first movie you saw
Day #16: Your favorite classic
Day #17: Your least favorite classic
Day #18: Your favorite Pixar film
Day #19: Your least favorite Pixar film
Day #20: Favorite sequel
Day #21: An overrated movie
Day #22: An underrated movie
Day #23: A movie that makes you laugh
Day #24: A movie that makes you cry
Day #25: Your favorite scene from your favorite movie
Day #26: Saddest death
Day #27: Your favorite quote
Day #28: Your favorite theme park
Day #29: Your favorite theme attraction
Day #30: Your favorite theme park show
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