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I've spent so much time on Dreamwidth, writing entries for the voices in my head, and somewhere along the way I stopped sharing my own voice, for some reason.

I don't know why that happened. Perhaps it was because my real life was too stressful to talk about at the time? What was happening when I first joined pan-fandom RP around this time last year?

Oh, right. I was noticing the writing on the wall that my previous job before this one was not long for this world, as Microsoft decided to move the technical support team I did Quality Assurance for overseas. And my wedding was sneaking up on me, and my older sister was being a drama whore, my younger sister was doing her usual PA "Oh, you have a problem with me? Let me recommend some Christian books to help you with your problem."

Haha! No wonder I was trying to escape into the persona(s) of my muses!

I always enjoy coming back to myself around Christmas, though. I guess I always build up so much anticipation for the holidays - I'm wanting to be more social than usual, and as hard as it can be--we still have kittens in the nursery, I'm working three jobs, and my husband and I are planning on participating in Dystopia Rising next weekend...I'm doing good just to get a full eight hours of sleep these days.

I'll do my best to update this thing more often, but I have to have things to talk about! ♥ Feel free to ask questions any time!


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